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The NaoBun Project produces a line of interactive comic books, games, and toys that make crucial issues accessible to everyone. Open-source materials and trainings are available for those wishing to develop their own story kits.


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We love comics. We love games, toys, and those cute little activity books and puzzle games we used to play as kids. If they taught us one thing, it is that life is an adventure, the world is our playground, and we should never, ever give up, because a solution is always out there somewhere.

We grew up to be researchers, makers, and activists who find ourselves discontented with the way things are in the world. So we put two and two together and decided to make comics, games, toys, and everything else we loved as kids to try and make it a little bit better.

We work with fellow researchers, NGOs, NPOs, movements, and communities to understand the issues and problems we wish to tackle. Then we sit down with beer, pizza, and a lot of post-it notes to create the best possible story and array of products that would deliver the core message in the most engaging and accessible way possible.

We also like to play with formats, so with each title, you'll always be in for something new. A comic book set that comes with a solo card game? Check. A science kit for children that comes with gender education? Check. A weekly detective webcomic the mysteries of which you can solve online for redeemable points? Check.

Got ideas of your own? Let us know.

The Adventures of Bunny & Nao

Bonni Rambatan & Naomi Saddhadhika

Adventurous science nerd Bunny and shy craftsgirl Nao follow the trails of a mysterious journal to investigate the disappearance of Bunny's father—but they must survive mother nature's angriest and most thrashed places to get to the end. Solve the journal's codes and puzzles, and play card-based survival games in this interactive puzzle adventure comic book!

Fight Like a Girl!

Bonni Rambatan & Dwinanda Edo

A silly administrative mistake forces four nine-year-old schoolgirls to compete against all the high school boys in a national science and robotics competition! Will their creativity help them win, even if it's their very first time? Read the comics, build the crafts and robotic kits, and conduct the science experiment with friends at home with our Fight Like a Girl! comic book and science experiment set!

Sofia vs. The Perplexity Princess

Bonni Rambatan & Jihan Madihah

Alika Anwar Fashion Academy is plagued by a string of mysterious thefts by an enigmatic figure who goes by the name "Perplexity Princess" —and only Sofia is smart enough to face her. Now the fashion student must play detective, find the missing items, and find out who the real thief is. Read the webcomic and solve the weekly puzzles to help Sofia unmask our villain once and for all!

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