We Make Things that Kids can Grow Old With

The NaoBun Project works with various educators, researchers, organizations, and movements to build stories and characters that can truly last: Those who bring crucial issues that are relevant to society in a friendly, accessible manner.

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School Partnerships

Are you a school or learning institution? Work with us to conduct both short-term and long-term workshops on visual storytelling, design thinking, sequential art, gamification, and much more! Graduates of the workshop may be selected to join the studio and work on real social art projects. Awesome, right?


Organization & Community Partnerhsips

Are you a social movement, or an organization with a cause? Finding it hard to communicate your cause in an easy, engaging manner to the masses? Let us help you craft the perfect story and create the perfect characters to promote your cause.


Co-Production Partnerships

Are you a studio with really, really awesome works of your own? Do you think it would be great if we could collaborate on something together and do a crossover of sorts? Of course you do! Let's grab coffee!


Licensing Deals

Would you like to buy the rights to adapt or utilize our stories and characters for your business? Would you like to be the exclusive publisher of our super fun interactive comics in one entire country? Would you like to hire our characters to sell your wonderful goodies? Let's have a talk!



Are you an artist with something to say to the world? A writer who is itching to tell stories about society as she sees it? Or simply a creative media artist who loves to experiment, wanting to do things never done before for a greater good?

We want you. Tell us your premise, character descriptions, and the causes you wish to highlight in your work. Samples, especially sequentials, are appreciated but not necessary. Click the button below and send us your best work!


Not sure yet? Check out our titles to see what we're looking for, and read the FAQs below for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a publisher?

A: No, we're not. We are a studio, a research-for-arts collective, a lab for interactive storytelling that explores what we can do with comics. We are also an agency for comic artists looking to do more social, environmental, and experimental work. Joining us DOES NOT automatically mean that your work will get published, but we will do our best to find you publishers and/or manufacturers for your work!

Q: So what do I get if I join you?

A: You get to grab beer and pizza (or coffee and cupcakes) with like-minded people! Also, we'll give you a few of these perks:

  • Contacts and networking for the research of your work
  • Early editing and development of your manuscript to be offered to publishers in various countries (TBA)
  • Legal consultation, so you don't sign the wrong deals with the wrong people
  • Expanding and developing your work, to be made into toys, games, etc, with other artists and vendors in our network

Q: What countries are your studio's works published in?

A: We are very new and will only be publishing in 2017! Since we are based in Jakarta, the initial lauch of our works will be in Indonesia—an emerging market of over 260 million people. We are in the process of negotiating deals with publishers in a few other countries (which we cannot yet say), so let's hope they will be available in your country soon!

Q: Do you only accept comics?

A: Not really! So far, our main medium is comics, but feel free to submit work in any medium—we're all about media experimentations! As long as they involve stories and lovably wounded characters that drive them, we'll take a look!

Q: But I don't have stories and I can only draw.

A: That's fine, too! Many artists write to us and give a sample of their work, the only reason being that they are interested in doing more explorations of their craft for a more meaningful purpose, so they could work with communities, movements, and schoolchildren. Do send us your work, and we'll see what we can do!

Q: So this is not a place for creator-owned works, right?

A: So far, we've never managed exclusively creator-owned works. Since we are studio, most of the works are developed by a team, whose members then share the rights to the creaation. That being said, we are open to accepting manuscripts of creator-owned works. Artists may choose to join us for research and agency purposes, and that's perfectly fine!

Q: So tell me more about the rights?

A: This can go in a number of ways. Most artists who join us come in with no more than a rough concept of what they want. Since we were the ones that helped them do all the research and develop all the characters for the story, the copyright is thus co-owned by both the artist and the company.

But if the artist comes in with a fully fleshed-out concept of her own creator-owned title and are only joining on board for research and agency purposes, then the artist may choose to retain all the rights to her creation. In this case, NaoBun Project will own a license to that creation (NOT the original rights), the scope and duration of which will be negotiated upon joining.

Q: I still have some more questions.

We still have more answers! Write all general enquiries to hello@naobunproject.id. We'll do our best to give you a speedy response!