This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes the practices of PT Semesta Rambatan Saddhadhika (“NaoBun”) in collecting, using, and disclosing certain information, including your private information. By using this website, (“Website”), you trust your information with NaoBun.

NaoBun is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. If NaoBun requests you to submit certain information that may be used to identify you when you’re using the Website, NaoBun guarantees such information shall only be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy describes the practice of data processing in NaoBun and your options regarding how your private data is used. If you have any requests regarding your private data or any inquiries about NaoBun’s data processing, you may contact NaoBun at .

NaoBun may amend this policy from time to time by updating this page. You are encouraged to check this page from time to time to learn such update. Such amendment shall be applicable by its publication in this Privacy Policy. In the event of a conflict between the previous Privacy Policy and the new one, the new terms shall prevail.

Your private information and data are information that may be used to identify you as an individual, such as name, address, email address, or phone number. NaoBun shall not consider anonymous information as a part of private information.

By using the Website, you agree to and shall comply with this Privacy Policy.


NaoBun accepts and keeps your information, such as:

  1. The information you submit to NaoBun, including name, email address, address or zip code, and phone number. NaoBun collects this information through a number of ways, including when you submit it to use the Website, interact with the customer service, or participate in surveys or marketing promotion.
  2. The information NaoBun collects automatically. NaoBun collects information about you and your use of the Website, your interaction with NaoBun and NaoBun’s advertising, and information on your computer or other devices you use to access the Website. This information includes (a) your activity in the Website; (b) details of your interaction with the consumer service, such as date, time, and reason to contact NaoBun, transcript of any chat conversation, and if you call NaoBun, your phone number; (c) identity of devices or unique identifier, characteristic of devices and software, connection information, statistic on visits, referral URLs, IP address, and standard web log information; and (d) information collected through cookies and other technology, including advertising data.


  1. NaoBun shall use the collected information to give, analyze, operate, and improve the Website and marketing effort and to communicate with you regarding this matter and other topics, such as:
    1. determining your general location and your internet service provider, and helping NaoBun to respond to your problem quickly and efficiently;
    2. avoiding, detecting, and investigating activities that are potentially prohibited or illegal;
    3. analyzing and understanding NaoBun’s audience, improving the Website; and
    4. communicating with you about the Website, so that NaoBun may send you news, details of new features and content, and special offer, promotional announcement, as well as customer survey.
  2. From time to time, if you agree, NaoBun may also use your information to contact you for research and marketing research purposes.
  3. NaoBun may contact you through emails, telephones, or mails.
  4. NaoBun and its partner(s) use various technology to collect and keep the information you submit when you use the Website, including, but not limited to use of cookies or similar technology. NaoBun also uses such technology to collect and use information when you interact with the service NaoBun offers to NaoBun’s partner(s), such as advertising services or NaoBun’s services that may appear in other sites. NaoBun uses the information collected through cookies and other technology to improve your experience and overall quality of the Website.
  5. NaoBun shall ask for your approval before using information for purposes other than those governed in this Privacy Policy.
  6. NaoBun may process and keep private information in a server located outside of Indonesia.
  7. NaoBun may collect and process information so that such information is no longer in the form of private information (“Aggregate Information”), and NaoBun may use the Aggregate Information for purposes of research, training, or quality improvement of the Website with its partner(s), service provider(s), and other third parties, whether they are in business or not with NaoBun. NaoBun may share a form of the statistical data of the Aggregate Information so that NaoBun’s partner(s) understands how you and the frequency of your use of the Website and their services or sites, which facilitate their service improvement and how the Website interacts with them. NaoBun may also share the Aggregate Information with third parties to develop and convey targeted advertising in the Website or third party service and to analyze and make a report of advertising you see. NaoBun may combine the Aggregate Information collected with additional aggregate information collected from other sources. NaoBun may also share the Aggregate Information with third parties, including, but not limited to, advisors, writers, researchers, partners, advertisers, and investors for the purpose of preparing a general business analysis, studies, articles, and essay and entertainment media or other business purposes.


  1. NaoBun shall not disclose your private information with companies, organizations, and individuals outside of NaoBun except under:
    1. your approval;
    2. a condition of external processing, where NaoBun provides private information to NaoBun’s affiliations or other trusted business or person to process such information for NaoBun, under NaoBun’s instruction and in accordance with NaoBun’s Privacy Policy, and any other confidential and security measures; and
    3. legal reasons, such as the requirement of laws and regulations.
  2. NaoBun may share the Aggregate Information and/or information that cannot identify you as a person, such as, but not limited to, trend, publicly with NaoBun’s partner(s), such as, but not limited to, publishers, advertisers, or related sites.
  3. If NaoBun is involved in an asset merger, acquisition, or sale, NaoBun shall continue to ensure the confidentiality of any private information and notify you before such private information is assigned or becomes the subject of a different privacy policy. Furthermore, if NaoBun experiences bankruptcy, your information shall be one of the assets that may be transferred to or taken over by a third party. You understand that such assignment may happen. With the assignment of your information under such condition, all inquiries regarding the processing of your information may be directed to the entity accepting such information assignment.


NaoBun takes the reasonable administrative, logical, physical, and managerial step to secure your private information from loss, theft, and unauthorized access, usage, and modification. You understand that there is no step that may guarantee security 100% (one hundred percent), therefore NaoBun cannot guarantee the safety of your private information.


  1. NaoBun’s Website may contain links that make it possible for you to visit other sites. By using such links to leave NaoBun’s Website, you agree and understand that NaoBun does not have control over such other sites. NaoBun shall not be responsible for privacy protection of any information you submit to a third party. You are encouraged to apply a precautionary principle and to pay attention to the applicable privacy policy of such third party.
  2. NaoBun shall not sell, distribute, or rent your private information to a third party except with your permission or if required by the laws and regulations.
  3. NaoBun may use your private information to send you promotional information regarding a company or product that NaoBun thinks may interest you.


  1. This Privacy Policy is construed and interpreted under the laws and regulations of Indonesia and is applicable for all of the Website.
  2. Any dispute related to your use of the Website shall be settled through mutual consensus. In the event the dispute cannot be settled through mutual consensus, such dispute shall be settled in the Public Court of South Jakarta. The parties agree that the dispute shall be settled individually. NaoBun and you agree that any lawsuits and/or charges incurred related to the Website shall be made within 1 (one) year as of the cause of such lawsuit and/or charge occurs.
  3. NaoBun shall not be responsible for any failures in fulfilling its obligation herein if such failure is the result of any events that occur outside of the reasonable control of NaoBun, including, but not limited to mechanical, electronic, or communication failure or degradation.
  4. NaoBun and you agree to waive Articles 1266 and 1267 of the Indonesian Civil Code to the extent a court decision is necessary to terminate this Privacy Policy.
  5. In the event there is a part of the Privacy Policy that become illegal or unenforceable, such illegality or unenforceability shall not affect the validity and applicability of any other clauses in the Privacy Policy, and any such remaining clauses shall stay applicable and binding to NaoBun and you.
  6. This Privacy Policy shall be the entire agreement between you and NaoBun in relation to the matters governed herein, and you shall not rely on NaoBun’s promise or statement other than those governed herein.
  7. This Privacy Policy is in the English language only, which language is controlling in all respects. You and NaoBun fully understand and acknowledge (i) the existence of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 24 of 2009 on Flag, Language, Coat of Arms and Anthem (“Law No. 24”); and (ii) the need of a presidential regulation as the implementing regulation of Law No. 24.  Therefore, you and NaoBun agree that the execution of this Privacy Policy in English language only, pending to the issuance of the presidential regulation as the implementing regulation of Law No. 24, shall not be deemed as a bad faith intention of yours and NaoBun’s not to comply with Law No. 24.  Immediately after (i) the interpretation of Law No. 24 concerning the foregoing becomes clear or (ii) the issuance of a presidential regulation which requires an Indonesian language version of this Privacy Policy to be executed, you and NaoBun agree to do so in full compliance with Law No. 24 which such Indonesian language document shall be deemed effective as of the date of this Privacy Policy as if it was executed on the date hereof. In the event of any inconsistency between the English language texts and the Indonesian language text or should there be any dispute on the meaning or interpretation of certain provisions, you and NaoBun hereby agree that the English language text shall prevail. Each of you or NaoBun further agree(s) that no claim shall be brought against the other party on the basis of non-compliance with Law No. 24.


This Privacy Policy is last updated on 22 February 2019.